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Weekend Courses

MAP regularly run shorter, weekend courses to ensure that we have something available for everyone. We know that availability and attending a regular class can be difficult t certain points in our lives. So, amongst our regular blocks of classes, we bring in practitioners from particular areas who specialise in their field, to share their knowledge, work with our actors and develop their ability and craft for the industry over two days. 


These shorter courses are varied and current and above all else, are run by practitioners at the top of their game in their area of practice. As such, our MAP actors receive the best training, from experts, at affordable prices. 

These short courses also give actors the chance to check out what we do for less cash and with less time commitment, however, even these courses require full commitment and mirror the industry in their required professionalism and dedication. 

We always have short courses booking and this list changes frequently so do check regularly, or, alternatively, drop us a line to be added to our mailing list. If you'd like to suggest a short course then let us know and we'll see if we can arrange it for you and your fellow MAP creatives. 


Why take our classes? 

We're unlike any other classes out there! Our staff are not only trained in their chosen profession but have spent 10 years+ each, teaching in top flight drama schools across the country, which they still do. In addition to this, our staff still actively work in the industry. Want to learn acting? What better way than to be taught by someone who still does it, trained professionally to do it and has over a decade of teaching experience at top flight schools? It's  no-brainer! 

Why do I have to pay upfront? 

We appreciate this is tricky, however, even though we ask you to pay up front, you are able to pay this over a period of weeks or months, before the class starts. With classes that ask you to pay weekly, it's to easy to lose an actor from the process or for the odd week. At MAP we mirror the training found on 3 year courses, so not only do we demand similar professionalism, we mirror the rigour that the industry has. Because of this, we ask you to pay up front, commit to the whole course, and respect yours and your peers training. Ultimately, it ensures you get the best! 

Run by professionals, for professionals! 

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