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Alongside our regular classes, MAP are able to provide coaching in all genres, either with their own staff or by recommending industry professionals that they trust to deliver exceptional work. 

Every staff member at MAP is considered to be at the top of the game and all are actively working in their chosen field. It is hugely important to us all that our student actors are taught not only by the best, but also by people who can feed directly from the industry, into our class rooms. 

Although individual tutors vary in price, you should expect to pay no less than £20/hour for a 1-1 session. These sessions can and do cover everything  from audition 'brush-up' classes, accent classes, Actor's MOT sessions, Physical workshops, Drama School Prep and more. Just ask, we will guarantee you a quality tutor. 

We don't waste your time and we don't waste your money. A lot of schools will continue to provide second rate teaching, take your money and allow you to believe you're being given the best training. It is only until you attend a MAP class that you realise that contact time, professional experience and an ability to teach is imperative. 

Make it count, make it MAP! 

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