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with Simon Naylor

Since 2015 Simon has been shooting showreel scenes for actors in London and Manchester. In 2020 MAP decided to ask all actors to be fully prepared, ready and, most importantly, trained to shoot their scenes. This was not done for any other reason than to prevent those that want a reel scene shooting, from wasting their time and money - the latter being something none of us in the arts, currently have. It's important to us that actors take away scenes of their absolute best work and on the day of their shoot, MAP don't have the time to 'train' actors on the day and many other companies that shoot reels don't either. So, to deliver your best, you need to be focussed on one job - acting. If you're anxious about the camera, confused by jargon, haven't properly learnt your lines, you simply cannot deliver your best work.

One of the responses we got from actors was that they had trained. Does that training fully engage the plethora of technical aspects that will be asked of you, as soon as you set foot on set? Sitting in front of a camera for 15 minutes and reciting the script you've had for a few days will only get you so far. It wont help you with vocal levels, continuity, filming etiquette, jargon, hitting marks..... 


After several discussions, the team at MAP decided to launch a course aimed specifically at actors who want a scene shooting, but aren't sure what will be asked of them and might be anxious about what might happen on the day. It isn't a 'test', it's not designed as a 'pass or fail' course, but, it might highlight just where you need to focus your training in order to get the most not only out of your showreel shoot, but also from future work, on set. It might also renew your training and put you at ease with what might be asked! It's also good to note that this in no way constitutes a full Screen Acting training and we still believe that a minimum of 60-80 hours is required to be able to get near achieving a fully relaxed, engaged and nuanced performance for screen. These classes do not replace our current Screen Acting classes and might instead, highlight the necessity for a full, in-depth and intensive training. Nor will you receive a scene at the end of this course - it's just a class to help get you where you need to be! 

Taking place over three sessions of two hours, these power-shot classes will aim to highlight the requirements of an on-set experience, provide you with an understanding of what is required and will touch upon many of the aspects involved in shooting a short scene. We'll also get you in front of a camera and allow you to use the microphones that will be used when filming, undergo some exercises and allow you to experience what it's like being on-set, under filming conditions. PLUS: GET 15% OFF ANY SHOWREEL PACKAGE WITH THIS CLASS!! Check them out.... 

COVID SAFE? This class takes place inside at 53two studios. Early lessons will be seated, with no more than 7 students, all 1.5m apart. Travelling to the classes will require wearing a mask and we will ask all attending to 'check in' on our Track and Trace system. When working with mics, you will be instructed how to fix them to yourself to avoid contact. All mic equipment will be cleaned between uses. Camera operators will be masked when within two metres of an actor. 


Hand sanitiser and wipes will be in the studio at all times. For full details on the changes we have made at the studios to protect you and ourselves, please head to our Covid Guidelines. Every person in the studios will be asked to confirm they have read these guidelines and will operate within them.


£90 for 3 weeks

Payment must be made before the first class. 

An £30 deposit is required from all students to secure a place on the course. 

These payments can be made upon registration.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.





53two Studios

Old Colony House

South King Street

M2 6DQ



We never take on more than 6 students to ensure MAXIMUM, SAFE contact-time for each student & to ensure it's not just 5 minutes each.


Places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are unsuccessful, you will be added to the waiting list.


Got a question? Drop us an email! 


All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.


Click on the link above to register for the course.

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