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The People's Choice

21 days...

1 prop...

Limitless possibilities...


On Christmas day 2020, in the middle of a weird lockdown-limbo, where creatives were stuck with just monologues and over-flowing with creativity, MAP Launched #MAP21. To replace the long over-due #MAP48, we re-modelled and re-booted our Film Festival & Competition and gave creatives the chance to win £200 and take their place in the hall of fame as a part of the winning cohort of the first ever 21 day film competition. All this whilst raising money for the new arches and theatre of 53two

We offered them 21 days to create a film of no more than 2:20 - Twitter length! We offered them a list of twenty props to choose from which had to be incorporated into the story. The only real rules, do not break Govt Guidelines in your area...even as we entered full, UK Lockdown. These films have been passed to our panel of industry judges who are currently deliberating and will choose Best Actor, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Edit, Best Use Of Prop and Best Film, the winner of which will take £200. 

Easy? Not at all. Far from it. The results are epic - every one of these films, whether made by experienced film-makers or first-time creatives, all deserve praise for rising to the challenge. But there's one more award up for grabs, The People's Choice Award. The choice is yours. Each of our films are listed below and you get to vote, just once, for your favourite. The recipient of most votes and, so, the, winner will be announced at our exclusive awards ceremony!If you'd like to donate to 53two, you can here.

So, check out the films below and place your vote.

Voting closes midnight, Fri 22nd Jan. Only one vote per email address allowed.


The above film is not entered into the competition but is a part of the MAP21 Festival & so we share it in the spirit of enjoyment & participation. 

Voting closes on 22nd January at midnight with only one vote allowed per email address. The winner will be announced at an exclusive online Awards Ceremony on Saturday 26th January.

For more information on any of the films, questions or if you just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The competition was run to raise money for 53two's new home. If you want to donate, please head to for more info.

Thanks for your vote!