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Group Sessions
Solo Sessions

At MAP we don't think that being at home should mean that we stop working, stop learning and stop talking about our craft. So, whatever the creative discipline, we're aiming to provide online workshops to over it, as well as being available to chat through monologues or queries you may have about all things industry. So, even at home, you can develop.

For actors, although it's sometimes difficult to provide practical classes, we can use discuss techniques, hone some ideas and reboot some dormant skills as well as furthering or introducing some of the work of practitioners we use. You'll have heard us all talk about objectives, tactics, actions, verbs, Stanislavski, connection, Meisner....just to name a few of the ridiculous dictionary that we use. Well, now is the chance to get to grips with these and more. 

We're also offering singing sessions to develop or hone these skills. Available for all levels and just about enjoying what you do, in your own home, at an affordable price. 

So, below, you'll find a list of the workshops we run regularly - whether it be a 1-1 solo session or group session. Consider them interactive TED Talks from industry professionals with decades of combined experience. 

Group Workshops


ACTING - Process Perfected (3 Sessions)

So many practitioners and so many different techniques, methods and more and more extravagant ways to approach a piece of text. Every actor has their own process and it's important to get to grips with this before heading to the rehearsal room. Get rid of all the fluffy stuff and fine-tune yours with these power-shot classes; combining Stan, Meisner, Uta Hagen and more, we select the best bits, for you to work with. 

This online workshop takes place over three 60 min sessions (or until we finish!) and will involve all those who enrol printing off a worksheet that will have been emailed to them. On this sheet we'll cover all of the necessary terminology that might pop up and how to put this terminology into your work effectively and in the best way for you. A discussion with ongoing QnA, a little homework and then a return session to finalise the work using examples from contemporary scripts scenarios chosen specifically for this course. 

Price: £50

Time: Weekly

ACTING - Shakespeare Sorted! (3 Sessions)

Always been terrified of Shakespeare? No idea what it means? Can't use your own accent to speak it? Now is the time to work in the comfort of you own home (office) and lay down some serious work to uncover the beauty of the text and how to crack it. 

This online workshop takes place over three 60 min sessions (or until we finish!) and will involve work on iambic pentameter, the rhythms and how to use them and will involve all those who enrol printing off a selection of script extracts from Shakespeare's most famous texts which will have been emailed to you. We will work through these scripts, stripping back the language and highlighting the ease that this incredible writing has beneath the fear we all suffer from! 

Price: £50

Time: Weekly

ACTING - Connection - What is it? (2 Sessions)

'Connection' - one of the most important 'things' in our world but a word that that is thrown around all over the rehearsal room, audition studio and, again, in those post-show booze ups that often leave us a little exasperated! If you've worked with us, you may be juggling with the idea of how to remove the ego from the equation and stop 'watching yourself'. Well, whilst locked in your room, join us to smash through this wall of mystery and truly get to grips with what it means, how it's achieved and the spiel behind the myth. 

This online workshop takes place over two 60 min sessions (or until we finish!) and will engage a group of actors with the ideas of our 'ego' becoming an obstacle - that little voice that demands we get it right? We'll talk about the ideas behind why we're scared to connect, why it's ok and how each and every one of us has different ways to do so. It's simple, but it isn't easy! 

Price: £30

Time: Weekly

ACTING - The Perfect Self-Tape (4 Sessions)

Self -tapes are an increasingly more pertinent and regular part of our industry. As Casting Directors open the doors to accessibility and technology advances, the idea of 'auditioning' in our own home is something we need to get to grips with, and super quick - especially as in sending a self-tape, we are sending something that needs to be the best version of us! These 4 x 60 minute workshops will cover all of the pit-falls, provide you with some handy hints and share information gathered from Casting Directors and Agents alike, and two sessions with guest industry professionals who will watch your tapes and give live feedback as well as answering your questions on how to develop. All aimed at helping you to create the perfect Self-Tape. 

Price: £120

Time: October

Solo Sessions

ACTING - Monologue Work

There's no hidden parts to this - it does exactly what it says on the tin! A workshop for you, as an individual, to work on your audition monologues, a monologue you've always fancied having a crack at or as part of a way to dust off the cobwebs and get some feedback! Done online over 4 sessions/4 hours, including three chances to record and get feedback, this online workshops allows you to go back to basics, really break down the text and work our how best to deliver it for you!

Price: £60

Time: Around you schedule in hour sessions for at least two hours.


Acting isn't just looking right and being good - it's a business and this requires a business-like outlook. Yes we know we're just another opinion, but if you're looking for someone to talk you through your 'Industry Footprint', we can! We'll spend 30 minutes going through your headshot, Spotlight CV, Twitter and Insta presence and how to increase them and discuss where your face should be seen and when, to increase your footprint on the industry. Warning - We will give you our constructive criticism. It is not to make you feel bad! Any advice doesn't need to be taken - you can ignore it all. We will ask for you to send us an email as though you were applying for a general casting, prior to the session. 

Price: £10

Time: Around your schedule.

SINGING & ACTING - Acting Through Song

Actor-singer? Actor-'hold a tune'er? Actor-shower singer? Whatever level and ability you are, we have a singing for all actors! Have you been asked to bring in songs for auditions and not known where to even start looking? What's a rep book? What's a vocal range? How on earth do I tape all these pages together?! This online workshop is aimed at actors who may be new to singing completely or for actors who may just want to brush up on their song preparation skills. We'll cover exercises, finding your range, working with a song-text, prepping sheet music, working with backing recordings, acting through song and what to expect in an audition. It'll be an initial 60min session led by Francesca Fenech, an actress, singer, pianist, vocal coach and musical director all the way down in the village of London. FOR ANY ABILITY!

Price: £20

Time: Around your schedule.

Further sessions available - to be arranged with Francesca. 

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