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Micro Scene Study

With Simon Naylor

This course will take place over at least 6 weeks, and allow actors to focus on tackling a specific contemporary or classical script of your choice from day one heading to performance level. Much like our group Scene Study, this course offers all the benefits but works around YOUR schedule and YOUR specific requirements. 


Working in intense detail on just one scene, the course will start from researching the play and the world in which it is set, exploring the characters and then using the techniques of Stanislavski, Meisner and more to really hone the actors ability to listen, respond and remain truthful in the space. However, instead of being in a class of 10, this micro course offers a unique, intense and focussed learning in 90 minute blocks for just you and your scene partner. 


At the end of the course, you should have greater understanding of working on scripts and have gone some way to cementing your own process.

The course will mirror the training at established and top Drama Schools across the country using exactly the same methods and provide a unique training for both actors, unlike any other course. No actor will be asked to adopt the process of someone else, but instead, mould and craft their own process using what works best for them.


Although this course is flexible, we at MAP still require attendees to be professional and courteous to the training of their partner, and, as such, must be prepared to commit to at least one session a week and to complete the 6 weeks. MAP will not be responsible for choosing scene partners and it is highly recommended that you select a dedicated, passionate and professional scene partner.


£300 total (£150 each) 

A £50 deposit is required from both parties to confirm your place.



Around Your Schedule


NB: Both actors are required to sign up together.



53two Studios

South King St


M2 6DQ

To book a place click on SIGN UP or contact us for more info. 


All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.

Click on the link above to register for the course.

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