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Breathing new life into MAP48!

Manchester's newest, most exciting, ridiculous & high-octane Short Play competition. 

1-3rd March

At Manchester Actors' Platform, if something's working brilliantly we don't try to fix it...we double down & make new sh*t!  

We move, we adapt, we bring you new experiences and we strive to keep YOU growing! 

Following the huge success of MAP48, the team bring you, MAP48 - PLAYS! Same premise, more fear! Meeting on Friday 3rd Nov at 6pm, individuals meet to be teamed up; actors, directors and writers are placed together at random, given one prop and NOW one line of dialogue and set loose. Sound familiar?


Their aim? Create a short PLAY in just 48 hours, containing the prop, the actors and a whole lot of speedy work! 

A New Beginning.png

As the clock ticks, your writers must use what they have, what they know and what they can imagine to create a short script between 10:48 and 13:48 - short, sharp and punchy! This script is passed to the brave directors and actors to rehearse wherever they can find space. A 25 minute tech in the space to hone the piece and that's it. Next, it's SHOWTIME in front of a live audience and our industry panel of judges on 5th November at 7:30pm.

The judging panel will make choices based on creativity, originality and style.  There will be awards for 'Best Actor', 'Best Use of Prop', 'Best Writer' and 'Best Director' to boot! An incredible weekend for all involved and one we hope will roll on for years to come! Will you be a part of the first one? 


Sign up below and register as an actor, writer or director - we can only take a limited number so don't hang about...






What do I win? 

One performance will win Best Play. Alongside this, there are awards for Best Actor, Best Direction, Best Writing, Best Use Of Prop. Winners of the individual categories will take home a small token of their win, a workshop with an industry professional*, most importantly, a whole heap of pride! Winners of Best Play will take home a token and some extra special prizes. *Where possible

What if I have access requirements? 

The festival is for everyone. If you have access requirements we will make sure that these are met, where possible, to ensure your participation. Please do let us know about any way we can assist you, in your application.


What if I enrol but can't then make the weekend? 

We'll do our best to replace you from the waiting list but please do let us know! 

How much do we all help with the writing, direction etc? 

Each team will work to their own rules, and, as with anything, the director should make the final decisions based on what they think is best for the production. That said, it's a team effort and team-work makes the deam-work! 




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