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Manchester's most exciting platform for actors providing professional services at affordable prices in the heart of the city.


The Manchester Actors’ Platform, MAP, was created in 2015 by actor/acting coach Simon Naylor. Designed to benefit adult actors, its focus lies primarily on providing professional services at an affordable cost. In a world saturated with practitioners, self-help specialists, show-reel producers, headshot photographers and more, MAP hopes to bridge the gap between the affordable and the achievable. 

Simon and the team's background as actors means they have, and still do, experience just how tough the industry can be, not just to break into, but to survive in. Combining years of teaching experience at some of the countries' leading drama schools, a rich and varied experience on stage, screen and radio and some reassuring Northern roots, all of the services MAPlatform provide aim to cut out the b*******t. We provide what actors need, when actors need it and we don't rip you off. 


We can’t guarantee you a successful career, we can’t get you that big audition, nor can we tell you the magic words to open up the mythical door to success. What we can do is guide you through whatever stage of your career you are at and, whilst remaining honest and down-to-earth, offer advice, help and development which might just set you off in the right direction.


We don't waste your time and we don't waste your money. A lot of schools will continue to provide second rate teaching, take your money and allow you to believe you're being given the best training. It is only until you attend a MAP class that you realise that contact time, professional experience and an ability to teach is imperative. We will tell you how to improve, we will tell you where you're not meeting requirements, we will push you hard. If you want to be told you're brilliant, if you want to avoid growing as a creative, if you want to waste your money, don't train with MAP. 

Make it count, make it MAP! 

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