Every actor understands the importance of a good headshot. It is their brand and ‘logo’ and the first thing a casting director sees. A good headshot will also stay with you for 2/3 years. If that’s not selling you properly, then you’re already starting out on the back-foot. A photo needs to be in colour, it needs to be well lit and it needs to look like you. Actors also should not be looking to change their headshot every five minutes - the best headshots just look like you and do the job. (See my blog on getting the right headshot here.)


More and more often are actors now falling foul to the 'airbrush' or the 'make-over' photograph - once you've paid up to £350 for a shoot, the last thing you want is a photo that doesn't do the job, or, worse, even look like you! 

We also understand the importance of recognising your casting bracket and whilst shooting with it in mind, NOT insulting the intelligence of a Casting Director by dressing you up as a priest/nurse/cowboy.... 


MAP offer an affordable but professional photo shoot, providing you with high quality, colour and industry ready headshots. We shoot in a relaxed environment, with music of your choice! We start with a little chat about what you've been up to, what we'll be doing and make sure that you are ready to have your picture taken...MAP don't trust actors' that like having headshots done! 


 Once it's shot, we'll narrow the photos down to about 20/30 and whizz them over to you to choose three that will be touched up and sent to you pronto - all thagt's left to do is get them in front of those important people! 


All of this for just £75 (inc. VAT) n