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Cuttin’ It @ Royal Exchange Studio- impromptu trip to see Cuttin’ It - OMG - what a beautiful piece of storytelling by two young girls. a simple set, no bells or whistles or interval. Just 80 mins of two girls from the same place sharing two very different perspectives of Female Genital Mutilation. (FGM). I didn’t even know even know what I had booked so that alone surprised me and admittedly it’s not a subject I know much about.

What I liked was that the young actors addressed the audience for about 80% of the time, not each other, and I could clearly picture the images they were describing so articulately.

its a harrowing subject matter which ruins people’s lives - tissues at the ready (seriously!!)

Its also really funny in parts - if you’re free tomorrow, the last day it’s on - i’d definitely recommend seeing it! x



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