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Hi, all. I went to Karen's Acting for Camera, last night, and finally had the 'penny drop moment. Bear in mind, this is my second round of classes and I felt extremely confident that come week 2, I'd be all over it. This wasn't the case. I was still demonstrating. The worst bit was not knowing why I kept defaulting to Acting with a capital 'A'. It was an incredibly difficult pill to swallow. I've always known when I'm not connected...but I always thought my confidence was to blame. But after watching other people being asked to relate to their monologues through a real experience of their own, I realised that my prep and approach were not even close. Line learning is a given, but instead of trying to imagine exceptional circumstances through imagination alone, associating a connection to something real, is what I feel will change everything for me. It's silly as I feel like a numpty for not knowing sooner...but we all work at different speeds. Anyways, I just thought I'd share my revelation. I'm, once again, having an incredibly difficult but rewarding experience but am never not looking forward to each week. Have a great week everyone. Ross

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