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Create Your Own Games with Construct 2 - No Coding Required

Construct 2 is a freemium development and IT software that allows users to create fully functional games without the need for complex coding. Developed by Scirra, this game development tool enables game developers to construct games of various genres and styles with ease, from side-scrolling platformers to 2D first-person shooters.

Furthermore, the application is supported by a vibrant online community that offers resources, tips and tutorials, and constructive feedback for developers. This community-driven approach fosters collaboration and innovation, allowing aspiring game developers to learn from more experienced members of the community. However, one of the primary limitations of this platform is its lack of support for 3D games, as it is solely designed for developing 2D games.

download construct 2

First, be sure to download and install the latest version of the Spriter plugin, which you can get here: -2/addons/177/spriterIf you don't know how to install plug-ins into C2, you can watch this video here.Then watch the video below and follow along to export your Spriter project from Spriter and then import it into C2:

I haven't updated my plugin is some time now. Last time I did, I downloaded a rar/zip file and extracted it to and "scml" folder in ":\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins". Now when I update with the new Plugin/method I'm wondering if I should remove the scml folder mentioned before.

Is there a working link to the Documentation for the Construct 2 plugin? I've clicked on this link from the construct page for the plugin and it says that it can not locate the item i'm trying to view, and gives me a 2F173/O error code. I want to hopefully download it just in case I lose my access to the internet during this time.

please try the link again. It works for me. We ere having server issues for a while. You should be able to save the page as HTML to use offline if need be, and there re also websites or plugins you can use to download videos from Youtube. After clearing your browser cache please let me know if the link is still not working for you.

Have you tried yet with a different browser or incogneto/private tab? I'm pretty sure the page is fine and it's an issue with the cache in your browser or IP.If that doesn't work, download and unzip this: _T7Tslxm7V1pOuKDl/view?usp=sharing

Hello. I would like to learn how Spriter works better in Construct 2, but going to the link ( -using-spriter-animations-in-construct-2) to download the documentation, but it says "We could not find this topic." Earlier someone already asked this question, to which you gave him several tips to solve the problem, none of them helped me. You also left a link to download the documentation from google drive, but the file is no longer available. Where to download the documentation from ?

There's a website dedicated to Spriter on C2 ( -2/addons/177/spriter/documentation). You can download some documentation on it. When I click on "docs" I get redirected to another site ( -using-spriter-animations-in-construct-2/) which says that the necessary item is not found! How to download this documentation ?Attaching a link to a picture

@Rexouer Sorry, no. I do plan on making new videos and documentation for using Spriter in construct 3, and the features and usage are virtually identical so that should suit your needs, but I'm really spread thin at the moment, and these things take a long time to make, so you should not postpone your own project by waiting for new documentation.Most of all that (in your image) is the same as normal Construct sprites (changing animation, pausing, rotating etc.). Blending animations literally lets you set a secondary animation for the spriter object to be "tweening" with for each frame, and to what percent, so, for example imagine if you made two different idle animations for a character, one being very energetic and well rested, and the other being really exhausted, slumped over, and breathing heavy... You could have a variable for fatigue in your game, and when the character is not moving you could always be blending the two different idle animations (very rested vs very tired) to whatever degree makes sense based on how fatigued that character is.

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This typically effects all bones equally, so this alone won't give you want you want for animating the arms and legs completely separately, but there is an advanced technique for completely overriding control of specific bones and controlling them with events in Construct instead of the Spriter data.I've never used those particular features though so I can't tell you for sure if that will give you what you want or how to do it. I'll ask Edgar (Spriter's programmer)In the meantime, here is an old video I made which covers many of the basics for using Spriter objects in construct 2 and 3

TIP: To follow along, I would suggest starting with the graphics from the free bundle. If you purchase a license, you can also download the Jungle background and get access to many more assets.

This software is no longer available for the download. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for other reasons.

Construct 2 is the follow up from Scirra's Construct Classic which has had around 500,000 downloads to date. Construct 2 allows people to make game in an intuitive and visual way. Scirra's ambition is to make Construct 2 better, more stable and more powerful than Construct Classic. Construct 2 is based on years of experience developing Construct Classic.

It is part from tools category and is licensed as shareware for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platform and can be used as a free trial until the trial period will end. The Construct 2 demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential restrictions compared with the full version.

The library provides both simple, atomic constructs (such as integers of various sizes), as well as composite ones which allow you form hierarchical and sequential structures of increasing complexity. Construct features bit and byte granularity, easy debugging and testing, an easy-to-extend subclass system, and lots of primitive constructs to make your work easier:

  • Fields: raw bytes or numerical typesStructs and Sequences: combine simpler constructs into more complex ones

  • Bitwise: splitting bytes into bit-grained fields

  • Adapters: change how data is represented

  • Arrays/Ranges: duplicate constructs

  • Meta-constructs: use the context (history) to compute the size of data

  • If/Switch: branch the computational path based on the context

  • On-demand (lazy) parsing: read and parse only what you require

  • Pointers: jump from here to there in the data stream

  • Tunneling: prefix data with a byte count or compress it

ExampleA Struct is a collection of ordered, named fields:

Construct 2 was initially an application developed for the Zyx platform, and it has since moved to Windows 10. The game has been upgraded several times since its initial release, which may be a reason as to why it's still as popular as it is. Construct 2 is also available in two different versions for Windows and Linux operating systems. Windows 10 version is the most recent and includes all the newest features, while the previous one included a lot of bugs that were not corrected and left it unstable. Although Windows is the most popular gaming platform at the moment, the new Windows 10 version is arguably the best, which is why I personally recommend that you should download the game and play it on your preferred operating system before you go ahead and download the game to play on Xbox or PlayStation.

One of the main reasons why I recommend that you should download Construct 2 on your desktop, rather than on your gaming console, is because of its powerful and efficient game development engine. Construct 2 is basically an open source project, which means that anyone who has knowledge about programming languages can easily develop applications for it. It comes with over 300+ textures that you can use, many of which are pre-made, while others are specially made for the game engine itself. As a result, you should have no trouble creating your own maps and even creating your own game modes and story lines for your game, as well as experiencing hundreds of hours of nonstop fun and entertainment as you build and manage your very own construction company.


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