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Free Blackletter Fonts - Download and Install in Minutes

How to Download Blackletter Font for Your Website

If you are looking for a way to give your website a unique, old-world feel, you might want to consider using blackletter font. Blackletter font is a type of Gothic script that was popular in Europe from the 12th to the 17th century. It has a distinctive appearance with bold, ornate, and angular letters. In this article, we will show you what blackletter font is, why you might want to use it, how to find and download free blackletter fonts online, and how to create your own blackletter font with font design software.

What is Blackletter Font and Why Use It?

Blackletter font is a Western calligraphy style that originated in medieval Europe. It is also known as Old English or Gothic script. It was widely used for manuscripts, books, signs, and documents until the Renaissance period, when it was gradually replaced by more legible and modern fonts. However, blackletter font has never completely disappeared, and it still has some niche uses today. For example, you can find blackletter font in newspapers, logos, certificates, tattoos, music albums, and video games.

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The History and Characteristics of Blackletter Font

Blackletter font emerged in the 12th century as a result of the development of the Latin alphabet and the spread of Christianity in Europe. It was influenced by the Roman capitals and the Carolingian minuscule, but it also had some unique features. For instance, blackletter font had sharp angles, straight lines, broken curves, and heavy strokes. It also had many ligatures, abbreviations, and diacritical marks. Some of the most common types of blackletter font are Textura, Fraktur, Schwabacher, and Rotunda.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Blackletter Font

Blackletter font has some advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before using it for your website. Here are some of them:

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  • It can create a sense of nostalgia, tradition, and authenticity.

  • It can attract attention and stand out from other fonts.

  • It can convey a mood of mystery, elegance, or sophistication.

  • It can reflect your personality, style, or theme.


  • It can be hard to read, especially on small screens or low resolutions.

  • It can be incompatible with some languages or alphabets.

  • It can be overused or clichéd in some contexts or industries.

  • It can clash with other fonts or design elements.

How to Find and Download Free Blackletter Fonts Online

If you want to use blackletter font for your website, you don't have to spend any money or time on creating it yourself. There are many websites that offer free blackletter fonts that you can download and use for personal or commercial purposes. Here are some of the best ones:

The Best Websites to Download Free Blackletter Fonts


[1001 Fonts](^1^)This website has over 500 free blackletter fonts that you can browse by category, popularity, or date. You can also preview the fonts before downloading them.

[DaFont](^2^)This website has over 300 free blackletter fonts that you can filter by name, style, author, or license. You can also see how the fonts look on different backgrounds or texts.

[FontSpace](^3^)This website has over 200 free blackletter fonts that you can sort by relevance, popularity, or rating. You can also download the fonts as zip files or install them directly.

[Font Squirrel]This website has over 100 free blackletter fonts that are hand-picked and high-quality. You can also use the font generator tool to create custom fonts.

[Google Fonts]This website has over 20 free blackletter fonts that are web-friendly and easy to use. You can also customize the fonts with different styles, sizes, or colors.

How to Install and Use Blackletter Fonts on Your Website

Once you have downloaded your preferred blackletter font, you need to install it on your computer and use it on your website. The exact steps may vary depending on your operating system and website platform, but here are some general guidelines:

  • Unzip the font file if it is compressed.

  • Double-click the font file and click on the install button.

  • Open your website editor and select the font from the font menu.

  • Alternatively, you can use CSS code to embed the font on your website. For example, you can use the @font-face rule to link to the font file and specify the font family name. Then, you can use the font-family property to apply the font to any element on your website.

How to Create Your Own Blackletter Font with Font Design Software

If you want to have more control and creativity over your blackletter font, you can also create your own with font design software. Font design software is a type of application that allows you to design, edit, and export fonts. You can use it to draw your own letters, adjust their shapes, sizes, and spacing, and save them as font files. Here are some of the basic steps to design a blackletter font:

The Basic Steps to Design a Blackletter Font

  • Choose a font design software that suits your needs and budget. Some of the most popular ones are [FontLab], [Glyphs], [FontForge], and [BirdFont].

  • Create a new font project and name it.

  • Select a template or a base font to start with. You can also import an image or a sketch of your blackletter font as a reference.

  • Use the drawing tools to create each letter of your blackletter font. You can use curves, lines, nodes, handles, and grids to shape your letters. You can also copy, paste, rotate, scale, or flip your letters.

  • Use the metrics and kerning tools to adjust the spacing and alignment of your letters. You can use guides, rulers, and measurements to ensure consistency and readability.

  • Use the preview and test tools to check how your blackletter font looks on different texts, sizes, and backgrounds. You can also export your font as a webfont or a desktop font.

The Best Font Design Software to Use

There are many font design software available online, but not all of them are suitable for creating blackletter fonts. Here are some of the best ones that you can use:


[FontLab]This is a professional and powerful font design software that supports all kinds of fonts, including blackletter fonts. It has advanced drawing, editing, spacing, kerning, and exporting features. It also has a user-friendly interface and a free trial version.

[Glyphs]This is a modern and intuitive font design software that is designed for Mac users. It has a simple and elegant interface that makes it easy to create beautiful fonts. It also has smart features such as automatic alignment, spacing, and kerning. It also has a free trial version.

[FontForge]This is a free and open-source font design software that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has a comprehensive set of tools for creating and editing fonts. It also supports various formats such as TrueType, OpenType, PostScript, and SVG.


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