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Descargar BombSquad APK: Un juego de capturar la bandera, hockey y más con tus amigos

Descargar BombSquad APK: How to Download and Play the Explosive Multiplayer Game

If you are looking for a fun and chaotic game of bombs and mini-games, you should try BombSquad. This game lets you blow up your friends in various modes, such as capture-the-flag, hockey, deathmatch, and more. You can play with up to 8 players locally or online, using touch screens, controllers, or even phones and tablets as remotes. You can also customize your characters, maps, rules, and power-ups to create your own explosive experience.

descargar bombsquad apk

What is BombSquad?

A fun and chaotic game of bombs and mini-games

BombSquad is a game developed by Eric Froemling that was released in 2011 for Android devices. It is a game that combines bombs, physics, and ragdoll effects to create hilarious and explosive situations. You can choose from different game modes, such as flag-capture, survival, and deathmatch, or create your own mode with custom settings. You can also play solo or with friends in local or online multiplayer.

Features of BombSquad

Some of the features that make BombSquad a unique and entertaining game are:

  • 8 player local/networked multiplayer: You can play with up to 8 players on the same device, on different devices connected to the same network, or online via the internet. You can also join public servers or host your own private server.

  • Gratuitous explosions: You can use various types of bombs, such as sticky bombs, ice bombs, impact bombs, and more, to blast your enemies and the environment. You can also use other weapons, such as boxing gloves, baseball bats, mines, and turrets.

  • Advanced ragdoll face-plant physics: You can enjoy the realistic and hilarious physics of the game, as your characters fly, bounce, roll, and face-plant on the ground. You can also interact with the environment, such as throwing objects, breaking glass, and sliding on ice.

  • Pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more: You can choose from a variety of characters to play as, such as pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, robots, zombies, animals, and more. You can also customize your characters with different outfits, hats, glasses, hairstyles, and accessories.

  • BombSquad Remote app: You can use your phone or tablet as a controller for the game by downloading the free BombSquad Remote app from the Google Play Store. You can also use touch screens or other controllers that are compatible with Android devices.

How to descargar BombSquad APK?

Steps to download and install BombSquad APK from APKCombo

If you want to descargar BombSquad APK for your Android device, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to , a website that provides free and safe APK files for Android games and apps.

  • Type "BombSquad" in the search bar and click on the result that says "BombSquad APK (Android Game) - Free Download".

  • Select the version that you want to download. The latest version is 1.7.20.

  • Click on the "Download APK" button and wait for the file to be downloaded.

  • Once the file is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions to install it on your device - You may need to enable the "Unknown sources" option in your device settings to allow the installation of APK files from external sources.

Tips to play BombSquad on PC with LDPlayer

If you want to play BombSquad on your PC, you can use an Android emulator such as , a free and fast emulator that supports high-performance gaming. Here are some tips to play BombSquad on PC with LDPlayer:

  • Download and install LDPlayer from the official website.

  • Launch LDPlayer and search for BombSquad in the LD Store or Google Play Store.

  • Download and install BombSquad on LDPlayer.

  • Open BombSquad and enjoy the game on a larger screen with better graphics and sound.

  • You can use your keyboard and mouse to control the game, or connect a controller to your PC for a more comfortable gaming experience.

  • You can also use the multi-instance feature of LDPlayer to play BombSquad with multiple accounts or devices at the same time.

Why descargar BombSquad APK?

Benefits of playing BombSquad with APK version

There are some benefits of playing BombSquad with the APK version, such as:

  • Free and easy download: You can descargar BombSquad APK for free from APKCombo without any registration or verification. You can also download it easily and quickly with a simple click.

  • No ads or in-app purchases: You can play BombSquad without any interruptions or distractions from ads or in-app purchases. You can enjoy the game fully without spending any money.

  • Compatibility and security: You can play BombSquad on any Android device that meets the minimum requirements, regardless of the device model or brand. You can also play it safely without any risk of viruses or malware.

Reviews and ratings of BombSquad

BombSquad has received positive reviews and ratings from both critics and players. It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, based on over 1 million reviews. Some of the comments from the users are:

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"This game is awesome! It's so fun to play with friends and family. The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth. The mini-games are very creative and challenging. I love this game!"

"This is one of the best games I have ever played. It's so addictive and hilarious. The physics are amazing and the explosions are satisfying. The characters are cute and funny. I highly recommend this game!"

"This game is a blast! Literally! It's so fun to blow up everything and everyone. The game modes are varied and exciting. The customization options are cool and funny. The multiplayer mode is awesome and chaotic. This game is a must-have!"


BombSquad is a game that will make you laugh, scream, and explode with joy. It is a game that combines bombs, physics, and ragdoll effects to create hilarious and explosive situations. You can play it solo or with friends in local or online multiplayer, using touch screens, controllers, or phones and tablets as remotes. You can also customize your characters, maps, rules, and power-ups to create your own explosive experience.

If you want to descargar BombSquad APK for your Android device, you can follow the steps above to download and install it from APKCombo. You can also use an Android emulator such as LDPlayer to play it on your PC with better performance and features.

BombSquad is a game that will keep you entertained for hours with its fun and chaotic gameplay. It is a game that you should try if you love bombs, mini-games, and explosions.


What are the minimum requirements to play BombSquad?

To play BombSquad, you need an Android device that has at least 1 GB of RAM, 100 MB of free storage space, and Android 4.4 or higher.

How can I play BombSquad with my friends?

You can play BombSquad with your friends in local or online multiplayer mode. To play locally, you need to connect your devices to the same network or hotspot. To play online, you need to join or host a server via the internet.

How can I create my own game mode in BombSquad?

You can create your own game mode in BombSquad by going to the settings menu and selecting "Create/Edit Game Modes". You can then choose from different game types, such as team, free-for-all, or co-op, and adjust various parameters, such as time limit, score limit, lives, teams, maps, and power-ups. You can also name and save your custom game mode and share it with others.

How can I unlock more characters and outfits in BombSq


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