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Welcome to the group. As discussed with some of our members, a group dedicated to sharing thoughts on theatre shows people have seen. Twitter is famously biased & full or reviews that harbour ulterior motives. So, in the interest of developing our ability to critique & find, produce, write & perform quality stage shows, this group is a platform to share our genuine thoughts on pieces of theatre.


Guidelines; — ‘I liked/didn‘t like that’ is banned! You must have a reason why! Think like creatives, not as just a viewer.

- This is not a group to ‘bitch’ about shows we have seen. When posting, keep any criticism constructive. Balance your post with some positive feedback.

- No negative comments about people’s appearances or spoilers should be posted!

Sean Chriscole
Wendy Albiston
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Mold Removel baltimore
Mold Removel baltimore
April 15, 2024 · joined the group.
Wallace Angelo
Wallace Angelo

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    Mold Removel baltimore
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