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Guide to Playing Over/Under Football Betting

Over/Under, or O/U football betting, is one of the hottest keywords nowadays when it comes to online betting. While some are well-versed in it, many newcomers are still quite vague, especially those just entering the field.

I. What is Over/Under?

Over/Under, simply put, is a type of betting game used in various fields, most popularly in football, basketball, and tennis, both in live and online formats.

According to Fun88, Over/Under originated in China, where in Chinese it means "big-small", and in English it means "Over-Under." Thus, the name itself reflects the nature and characteristics of this game.

Specifically, the bookmaker will provide a prediction for any given match. The player's task is also to predict the outcome of the match. If the number they predict is higher or lower than the number given by the bookmaker, they win.


Understanding Draw No Bet: Essential Insights and Strategies

Draw No Bet, often represented as 0 – 0, is a popular type of wager in the football betting market. It's a common feature in Asian handicap betting and frequently surfaces in matches involving evenly matched teams or in high-stakes encounters like World Cup fixtures, UEFA Champions League matches, and the betting tips best

What Exactly is Draw No Bet?

Draw No Bet typically arises when two teams are closely matched in terms of strength and competitive ability. Matches featuring these teams often lack significant differentials, making predicting the outcome more challenging and intriguing. The bet can result in either a draw or a minimal margin between the two teams. Variations of this bet include Draw No Bet half goal, where stakes aren't refunded if a match is abandoned midway, adding an extra layer of complexity and excitement to the football…

New Style of Football Betting: Easy to Play and Win Big

Handicap betting is one of the most popular betting types at online bookmakers today, with a large number of participants. This type of bet is quite straightforward, but understanding it thoroughly is not that simple. In this article, win tips will share with you what Handicap betting is and briefly explain the different types of bets in football betting.

Introduction to Handicap Betting

Handicap betting, often referred to as Asian Handicap, is a type of bet that is based on the odds provided by European bookmakers. Asian bookmakers then create Asian handicap bets to cater to their players. These handicap bets are formatted based on numerical values associated with the teams.

Odds, in this context, refer to the prices set by European bookmakers for each match. Each asian bookie handicap employs experts to analyze the upcoming football matches, calculate the probable…

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