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Practical Tips on How to Draw a Football Helmet

As an enthusiastic sports fan, you may enjoy drawing a football helmet to show your support for your favorite player or team. You may even want to draw a helmet as personalized fan art. Below is a practical guide on how to draw a helmet.

Gather the Right Materials

Every artist knows the choice of materials and supplies can make or break a drawing. Therefore, the first step to drawing a football helmet is to gather the necessary materials. Below are some of the supplies you need:

  • Drawing pencils, which should ideally be of different sizes and hardness. Different pencils will help you capture the different shades of the helmet’s surfaces.

  • An eraser you can use to rub off the inevitable mistakes you will make while drawing. Get a kneaded eraser if you want clean and precise work.

  • A smooth drawing paper compatible with your pencil types; most artists favor smooth drawing papers. 

The above are the basic supplies you need; others are optional. Your drawing prowess and purpose determine the supplies you need. For example, an experienced and skilled artist may need more intricate supplies than an amateur. 

The type of helmet you wish to draw also matters. For example, you should consider a ruler if your preferred helmets have straight parts you wish to capture. Check the top rated modular motorcycle helmet review guide on helmetgurus for inspiration. 

Get a Reference Image

As an amateur artist, you probably cannot draw a football helmet from memory. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that; in fact, there is no need to try. The next best thing is to get your favorite helmet design and copy it. 

Say you are a great NFL (National Football League) fan and want to draw an NFL helmet. You can pick your favorite team’s helmet and copy it. The trick is to get something you love and copy it. You are more likely to get your favorite helmet’s drawing right than a rival’s helmet.

Sources of reference images are many. For example, online sports magazines, the Helmet Gurus site, and even your helmet can make a great reference image. As a first-timer, consider drawing a relatively simple helmet. A complicated helmet with highly customized or personalized parts might discourage you.

Draw the Helmet

The last step is the most crucial – the actual drawing. However, it is relatively easy once you have all the above requirements. 

Don’t try to draw everything at once. Start by drawing your chosen helmet’s basic outline. Use a light pencil for this step to easily correct any mistake. Draw the helmet’s cape, capturing its curvature and contours. Don’t lose hope if you cannot get it right the first time – few people do.

Once you have the basic outline on paper, the next step is to fill in the details. Capture the details like the ventilation holes, decals, team logos, and other crucial markings on the helmet. Try to put everything in its relative position as closely as possible. Don’t forget the facemask details, like the metal bars. The details will make your drawing realistic.

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Shading and texturing the helmet will help bring it to life. A typical helmet has smooth and rough parts. Some surfaces are also more reflective than others. For example, the metallic shell’s surface is likely more reflective or glossy than other parts. You will likely have to refine and correct some parts before you finish.

Hopefully, you now know how to draw a football helmet. Check out different helmets and try drawing them. Don’t forget to share what you have learned with your friends. 


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