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Do Platform Beds Make a Room Feel Bigger?  

For a while now, people have been opting for platform beds which they find to be very trendy because of their sleek and contemporary style. Such beds are characterized by low-profile frames as well as the absence of box springs whose appeal is towards the modern and minimalist aesthetic. This makes one ask if a room can appear larger when furnished with the best platform bed Platformbedexpert. To come up with some highlights on how to make more space from these types of beds, this article will discuss the positive aspects of the illusion created by the platform.

 Benefits of Platform Beds in Creating the Illusion of Space 

The minimalist design is one aspect that can make you feel like your room is bigger when you decide to use platform beds. The most common feature present in such beds is clean lines and simplicity in structure thus giving an impression of spaciousness within the room. With no need for a huge traditional bed frame or even box springs, less space occupied by a platform bed easily gives a streamlined look.  

Additionally, these types of beds are low profile. Moreover, no footboard adds a touch of airiness to the room. No footboard increases visual flow hence making it seem like there’s more space than there actually is. It becomes particularly advantageous in small rooms where every inch counts.  

Moreover, many platforms offer additional storage space under them thereby maximizing space utilization. Through platforms’ storage spaces, it is possible to declutter and organize your things freeing up much required floor area. This advantage becomes important mostly because storage solutions are essential for smaller rooms as compared to larger ones.  

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Tips on How to Save Space Using Platform Bed 

To give an optical illusion that the room is bigger due to the best possible usage of a platform bed, follow these guidelines:  

1. Choosing the right position within walls: Choose a place for putting a comfortable bed so as not to waste free area in your own apartment or house; put it against any wall or into any corner that allows opening the center part so that it does not look narrow.

 2. Utilizing wall space wisely:Use different kinds of shelves, wall cases, or hanging bedside tables in order not to load the floor and open up your small room.  

3. Mirrors for Adding Depth: Arrange mirrors strategically so that they can bounce light around the room giving an impression of more room. For instance, position a mirror opposite a window for better natural light and a feeling of depth.  

4. Creating Order and Decluttering: This will maintain your spacious ambiance with belongings organized. You can purchase storage solutions such as bins, baskets, or drawer dividers to keep everything tidy.  


To sum up, with their minimalist designs, low profiles, and sometimes storage spaces under the bed, platform beds can make a room appear larger than it actually is. By following these hints you will manage to enjoy having a platform bed while creating an airy space where everything looks nice and neat without being cluttered visually; hence making your bedroom look cozy yet spacious at once. The best platform bed at Platform Bed Expertcan be an ideal choice if you are looking for something that would make your smaller space have a great appearance as well as create enough room for other activities in the area.  


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