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Yakalar: How to Catch and Train Your Own Dragon

What is Yakalar?

If you have ever wondered what yakalar means, you are not alone. Yakalar is a word that has different meanings depending on the context. In this article, we will explore three possible meanings of yakalar: a village in Turkey, a Turkish word meaning "catches", and a song by ElMusto. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of yakalar and how to use it in different situations. A village in Turkey

One of the meanings of yakalar is a village in the Kemer district of Burdur Province in Turkey. According to the 2019 census, yakalar has a population of 1,016 people. The village is located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, about 40 kilometers from the city of Burdur.


Location and population

The coordinates of yakalar are 3728'N 3003'E. The village has an area of 36 square kilometers and an elevation of 1,050 meters above sea level. The climate of yakalar is typical of the Mediterranean region, with hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The main economic activities of the villagers are agriculture and animal husbandry. The main crops grown in yakalar are wheat, barley, corn, beans, potatoes, and fruits. The main animals raised in yakalar are sheep, goats, cows, and chickens. History and culture

The history of yakalar dates back to ancient times. The village was founded by the Lydians, an Anatolian people who ruled western Asia Minor from the 7th to the 6th century BC. The name yakalar comes from the Lydian word yaka, meaning "hill" or "slope". The village was later conquered by the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuks, the Mongols, the Ottomans, and finally the Republic of Turkey. The village has preserved its cultural heritage through its traditions, customs, folklore, music, cuisine, and architecture. Some of the cultural attractions of yakalar are:



Kemer Bridge

A historical stone bridge built over the Kocaçay River in the 13th century by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I. The bridge is 33 meters long and 5 meters wide and has three arches. It is one of the oldest bridges in Turkey and a symbol of yakalar.

Kemer Mosque

A historical mosque built in the 16th century by the Ottoman Sultan Süleyman I. The mosque has a rectangular plan and a single dome. It is decorated with calligraphy, geometric patterns, and floral motifs. It is one of the oldest mosques in Turkey and a place of worship for yakalar.

Kemer Festival

Article with HTML formatting ----------------------------- ... Kemer Festival

A cultural festival held every year in September in yakalar. The festival features various activities such as folk dances, concerts, competitions, exhibitions, and workshops. The festival aims to promote the culture, tourism, and economy of yakalar and to strengthen the bonds between the villagers and the visitors.

Kemer Cuisine

A traditional cuisine based on the local products of yakalar. The cuisine is rich in meat, dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruits. Some of the specialties of yakalar cuisine are kemer kebab (a dish of lamb meat cooked on a skewer over charcoal), kemer cheese (a type of white cheese made from sheep milk), kemer bread (a type of flatbread baked in a stone oven), kemer soup (a soup made from wheat, yogurt, and mint), and kemer baklava (a dessert made from layers of thin pastry filled with nuts and syrup).

A Turkish word meaning "catches"

Another meaning of yakalar is a Turkish word that means "catches" or "grabs" in English. Yakalar is the third-person singular present tense form of the verb yakalamak, which means "to catch" or "to grab" in Turkish. Yakalar can be used in different contexts to express different actions or situations involving catching or grabbing something or someone. Here are some examples of how to use yakalar in sentences: Usage and examples

  • Yakalar can be used to describe a physical action of catching or grabbing something or someone with one's hands or arms. For example: O topu yakalar mı? (Will he catch that ball?), Babam beni kucaklayıp yakalar. (My father hugs me and grabs me.), Köpek kediyi yakalamaya çalışır. (The dog tries to catch the cat.)

  • Yakalar can also be used to describe a mental or emotional action of catching or grabbing someone's attention, interest, or affection. For example: Film beni çok yakaladı. (The movie caught me very much.), O kitap seni yakalayacak. (That book will grab you.), O adamın gözleri beni yakaladı. (That man's eyes caught me.)

  • Yakalar can also be used to describe a legal or moral action of catching or grabbing someone who has done something wrong or illegal. For example: Polis hırsızı yakaladı. (The police caught the thief.), Vicdanın seni yakalayacak. (Your conscience will catch you.), O yalancıyı yakalayacağız. (We will catch that liar.)

Synonyms and antonyms

Some synonyms of yakalar are tutar (holds), alır (takes), ele geçirir (seizes), çeker (pulls), kapar (snatches), ilgisini çeker (attracts), etkiler (influences), suçüstü yakalar (catches red-handed), bulur (finds), and ulaşır (reaches). Some antonyms of yakalar are kaçar (escapes), bırakır (releases), verir (gives), bırakır gider (lets go), kaybeder (loses), sıkıcı olur (becomes boring), soğutur (cools off), kaçırır (misses), uzaklaşır (moves away), and geride bırakır (leaves behind).

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as soon as possible cümle içinde kullanımı (usage of as soon as possible in a sentence)

as soon as possible ile ilgili örnekler (examples related to as soon as possible) A song by ElMusto

Article with HTML formatting ----------------------------- ... The third meaning of yakalar is a song by ElMusto, a Turkish rapper and producer. Yakalar is the title track of his debut album, which was released in 2021. The song features ElMusto's rap skills and catchy beats, as well as guest vocals by Ezhel, another Turkish rapper. The song is about ElMusto's rise to fame and success in the Turkish rap scene, and how he catches the attention and admiration of his fans and critics. Lyrics and meaning

The lyrics of yakalar are mostly in Turkish, with some English words and phrases. The chorus of the song goes like this:

Yakalar yakalar yakalar Catch catch catch Herkesi yakalar Catch everyone Yakalar yakalar yakalar Catch catch catch Kimseyi kaçırmam Don't miss anyone

The chorus means that ElMusto catches everyone with his rap, and he doesn't miss anyone with his music. He implies that he is confident and talented, and that he has a wide appeal and influence. He also uses the word yakalar as a pun, since it can mean both "catches" and "collars". He suggests that he is not only catching people, but also collaring them, meaning that he is dominating them and making them follow him.

The verses of the song are more detailed and personal, as ElMusto raps about his life story, his struggles, his achievements, his goals, his style, his attitude, his rivals, his friends, his fans, and his critics. He uses various metaphors, similes, rhymes, wordplays, references, and slang to express himself and to impress his listeners. He also praises Ezhel, who joins him in the second verse, as a fellow rapper and friend. He ends the song w


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