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'Century' T's and C's

Actors taking advantage of the Century Showreel deal must read and agree to the below information.



Upon booking we ask you to complete a form with your details in. If these details are incorrect we will have no way of contacting you and you may miss the chance to book a slot. Once you have completed the form we will be in touch with an invoice for £100. One person/company is responsible for paying this fee - they are the client. Once the fee has been paid we will fit you and your scene partner into one of three, 2 hour, filming slots per day in January. Once this date is booked in, we cannot guarantee that another slot will be available to change it to. If you have to change your slot, we will endeavour to do so using cancellations/open slots, however, in some instances, re-booking will be the only way to guarantee another slot. In some cases, a date in early February may be needed to shoot in. 



All payments must be paid before a slot can be scheduled. Without payment, no filming slots will be offered or confirmed. 


Payments are non-refundable unless MAP cancel the shoot. Should those who have paid wish to cancel their participation in the shoot they will lose the fee paid and all monies paid will be retained by MAP. 


Ownership Rights;

In agreeing to use MAP for filmed projects, you waive the rights for MAP to use said material in any future promotional activities. The only exemption to the rule is when material within the filmed project is copyrighted and express permission from the owners has not been sought. 



Students must respect that email is the primary use of contact and must, as any industry professional would demand, be in a position to receive, respond to and deal with email communications asap. Failure to do so could mean missing vital information. MAP, if emails have been sent to the address you provided, cannot be held responsible for missed information. 



You will be given a 2 hour slot; during which the whole scene will be shot. Any unexpected tech issues or weather problems will not be counted within those two hours. Actors failing to know their lines or behaving in a way which means the shoot runs over will be the responsibility of themselves. MAP retain the right to cease filming at 2 hours. If this happens, what footage that can be used will be edited and provided to the client. 


Only one slot is allowed per actor. 



Whereas MAP have a range of props we would expect 'specialist' props to be sought by the actors in the scene. Communication about these props will take place once the scene has been submitted, should any need discussing and/or sourcing. 


You are responsible for providing your scene partner. MAP can help you do this if you use Social Media and tag us, however, we cannot outright recommend or provide a partner for you. 


Cancellation, Delay and/or Re-Scheduling due to Weather/Acts of God:

Should a showreel be halted or prevented due to weather and/or an 'act of God' then MAP will work to re-schedule the shoot. MAP reserve the right to deem what is an 'act of god' and/or if external conditions mean that the shoot cannot take place. This decision lies wholly with MAP and not the client. 


Script Regulations:

Scripts should be no more than 2 pages of dialogue on A4 in size 12 font, using Courier. In the case of extensive scene directions being written, MAP may allow more than 2 pages. As a rule, no scenes over 2 minutes will be shot. MAP reserve the right to edit these scenes if the client refuses to do so. MAP reserve the right to refuse to shoot a scene if they deem the scene too long, too complex and/or offensive or derogoratory in any way. Scenes should not include any 'period scenes' that require full set and costume and should avoid fantasy and/or events that may require CGI or specialist shooting. Where possible, scripts should avoid exterior shots due to the inclement weather conditions expected at this time of year. MAP may suggest edits and/or location changes to ensure the best possible work is carried out. 


Finished Article:

MAP will provide those on the Century Scheme with a fully edited scene of approximately 2 minutes. The rushes will not be made available to the client. Should the client require further showreel editing, a seperate transaction should take place with MAP. 



MAP reserve the right to update or change these Terms and Conditions as and when they see fit. All participants will be notified if this should happen.

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