Throughout January we're giving actors the chance to do something that is usually too expensive - grab a professionally shot showreel scene for just £100! 


There are only 100 slots available so make sure you grab them quick! Once they're gone, they're gone! 


So, kick start your 2020 with some new footage and inject a little 'pazzaz' into your actors' 'promo kit'.

Before you sign up, here's a few things to think about! 


- Make sure you've read the terms and conditions for the scenes - you'll be asked to tick a box to say that you have. There's nothing serious in there but it's just to make sure we're on the same page! 


- Make sure you have relevant screen acting experience. You simply CANNOT deliver a good showreel scene, showcasing your best work, if you have no on-screen experience. This doesn't mean sitting in front of a camera in class reading a script for two minutes a week - you need to have practical training and understand the concepts of what is expected of you on set; continuity, hitting marks, vocal level, using your space etc. If you don't know these things, think carefully before booking! A bad showreel scene is worse than no showreel! 


- Make sure you and your scene partner are prepped and ready to go on the day - bad prep can also mean a bad scene. We can shoot it beautifully, but if you don't know your lines properly, we can't help! 


- Choose appropriate scenes! Dragons, murder and high-drama feels like fun, but, realistically, it's difficult to achieve and more often than not, a Casting Director has seen far too many scenes with people crying or talking about sex! Keep it simple - keep it to your casting - keep it realistic! If you're looking for someone to write a scene for you, check out Brogan's Reel Scenes.

Read full Terms and Conditions here.

Click on the link above to register for Century