With Philippa Strandberg-Long



This weekend workshop will see us work through the

first few exercises of Sanford Meisner’s foundation to

acting; Repetition and Activity. Although the Meisner

technique is a process that is developed over

considerable time, this weekend course will give you the

chance to experience the technique in a practical way.


Through carefully layered exercises you will move from

the very simple way to engage with a fellow actor, to

elaborate improvisations with strong emotional

connections with circumstance and preparation, all created

by you, in the moment, without having to come up with any

other text than what you see in front of you.


This technique requires you to listen and react and act

instinctively, and is an essential part of an actor’s skillset.

All that is required from you is a playful attitude, a passion

for acting and a willingness to try something new.


About the Meisner technique:


Created by the late Sanford Meisner, a theatre practitioner and actor, the Meisner technique is widely recognised as being one of the most important techniques for an actor to master. The technique hones in on Stanislavsky's concept of communication, and highlights the importance of listening and reacting to the other actors, whilst using yourself and your own point of view as the basis for any interaction. Through a series of exercises, carefully selected to follow on one from another, the technique trains the actor's observation and communication skills, ultimately teaching us how to read the behaviour of others.


One of Meisner's most recognised exercises is The Repetition, where emotional and physical changes in the other actor are observed and repeated between the actors, in turn creating new behaviour and stronger listening and

reacting. Repetition is followed by The Activity exercise where the actors are encouraged to pursue an activity with a strong imaginary reason, while at the same time having to interact with another actor, thereby creating real emotions out of imaginary circumstances.


The training is incredibly beneficial to actors and not only helps them stay in the moment and communicate truthfully, but also curbs self-consciousness on stage.


Philippa Strandberg-Long:




Philippa is one of Britain's leading Meisner practitioners. She has got a BA hons in acting from Italia Conti, which she completed after moving to London from Sweden in 1998. Since concentrating on directing she has worked both as director and assistant director on the Fringe and London’s West End.


In a bid to concentrate more on her teaching and her passion for training Philippa completed a Masters Degree, with distinction, in Actor Training and Coaching from Central School of Speech and Drama, concentrating on Meisner technique.


Philippa works as a private coach as well as an Acting Tutor and director at Italia Conti Academy’s BA in Acting, Arts Educational, Fourth Monkey Rep training, International School for Screen Acting and Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts, where she teaches Scene Study, Acting Process classes and especially her main practice; Meisner technique. Apart for bringing her workshops to Manchester she also holds training seminars in Europe.


Philippa is passionate about the use and teaching of Meisner technique and continues to study the technique alongside teachers from New York City, as well as develop her own approach focused on Meisner and

Basic Actions. Her articles on the subject have been published both in England and America.


She is currently studying towards a PhD in Meisner technique and cognitive psychology.




6 & 7th July

10am - 5pm



53two Studios

South King Street


M2 6DQ



£140 pp.






A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required immediately to confirm your booking. All participants must be available for both days. Once the deposit has been paid, cancellations can be made but deposits will be retained. Failure to do so will result in them being asked to leave - no refunds will be made in these instances.



All actors on the course must agree to work under the terms outlined in the MAP Code of Conduct.


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