All team members must be 18+.


All teams will be split into groups randomly.


Choosing the actors;

Each director will pick a number from a ‘hat’. This will denote the number of actors he/she will have on the project. Numbers range from 1-5. Once they have picked this number, they will then proceed to choose the previously denoted amount of names from a second ‘hat’. Each of these names, the actors, will then work with that director. No actor can be paid.


Choosing the writer;

Directors will draw a name from a ‘hat’ to decide on their writer. No writer can be paid.


Choosing the prop;

Each writer will randomly select a prop from a ‘hat’. This prop must feature in the film (opening credits and end credits do not count!).


Choosing the crew;

The director will select at random, a number from a ‘hat’. Each number will be allocated to a crew who will then work with this directors’ team. No crew can be paid.


The time period;

Once the selection process has ended, the teams have 48 hours to write, produce, film and edit their film. Films MUST be submitted by 7pm on Sunday 28th August GMT in the required format. NO exceptions to the rule. Late submissions will not be screened.


Film length;

Each film should be no shorter than 3 minutes 48 seconds and no longer than 7 minutes 48 seconds.



Films are allowed to use music, however, they must have written permission from the composers before the film is screened. This permission will be requested upon submission of the film. Without written permission, the film cannot be screened and entered into the competition. No musicians can be paid.


Release Forms;

All of the actors featured in the film must have signed a MAP Release Form. These forms will be provided to you upon commencement of filming and must be presented, completed, upon submitting your film.


Supporting Artistes;

Supporting Artistes are allowed, however, they are allowed one line of dialogue of no more than 10 words. All supporting  artistes must have completed and submitted a release form which must be presented upon submission of the completed film. No supporting artistes can be paid. All supporting artistes must be 18+.



Individual preparation for the 48 hours is encouraged, however, any work on the film mut be done within the allotted time. Pre-recorded footage is not allowed in the finished film.



There are no limits/restrictions  on equipment size, quality or numbers.



In order to protect those groups filming on Iphones against those shooting on larger cameras and to present an even playing field, films will be judged on the following categories by a professional panel…





-Polished end product



Providing you’re not breaking the law, then you can film anywhere. Permits can be obtained and may be necessary in some public places. We do not require proof of permission to film in public places …but if you get stopped or moved on, it might hinder your film beyond repair!




Animals can be used in the films but must be treated with respect, remain un-harmed and without discomfort. Any conditions contrary to this whether from an individual or the whole team will result in the entry being disqualified.



End credits are not included in the total film time, however, must not include images or story-telling formats. Any films doing so will be disqualified. Outtakes, on-set photos etc. are allowed and encouraged. End credits cannot be longer than 90 seconds.



All films must be submitted in an MP3, QuickTime or AVI file or on a playable DVD.



Films can be any genre however, obscene or pornographic images and/or extreme violence are not allowed. Film content cannot be slanderous to any company group, or individual and must not contain any copyrighted or illegal images/footage.



Animation is allowed providing that all work is done and that any images used are taken/produced within the 48 hour period allotted by MAP.



Entrants agree that once submitted, the film will be screened first at the official competition screening and then be uploaded to the Manchester Actor’s Platform video channel for full public access. Any sharing of the film hereafter is at the teams discretion but all films must contain the MAP slate at the end. Every member of the team has an equal right to the film upon completion. Any changes to the film after completion must be within the rules set out in the MAP 48 contracts.



MAP reserve the right to disqualify any team or individual should they bring the name of Manchester Actors’ Platform into disrepute, physically or verbally abuse a member of public/their team/other teams whilst within the 48 hour period, break the law or take part in any activity that MAP deem defamatory to it’s good name.



Each team member must pay an entry fee of £25 before commencing the 48 hour period. Any member who has not paid will not be eligible to take part in the competition. The fee is non-refundable so please ensure availability prior to paying. Entry will be offered on a first come first served basis.


Small Print;

All production costs will remain entirely at the team’s discretion and amongst themselves. MAP will not and cannot be held liable for any losses or damage of equipment, illness, injury or death of any team member that takes place during the filming period.