Map Rep

What is it?

Manchester Actors’ Platform has been running for just over 18 months and we have several shows under our

belts as MAP Productions. We intend to produce more work in the future but wanted to cast the net further afield,

across the North West, to ensure we don’t become an exclusive, elitist production company. To try to combat this,

we are inviting anyone who wants to audition for us to book a slot over the weekend of 18/19th March to become

a part of the MAP Rep Company. The company will represent, for one year, our ‘flagship’ and will be a body of 15

or so actors to fly the MAP flag.


What do I need to do to apply?

To apply, you should complete the application form here. This form will be sent to the MAP casting director

Stephanie Hume, who will select actors to audition for us. Although we would love to see everybody, if demand

is high, we will select actors to represent a diverse range. A vast CV is not essential and we will be hoping to cast

actors from all backgrounds, ethnicities, social circles, experience, appearance and parentage…but all actors will

be from the North West of England.


What do I get from being a part of MAP Rep?

Being a part of MAP Rep, we hope, will be an incredible experience and one that will lead to greater things. More

practically, all of the actors will take part in a MAP Rep Showcase in March, open to industry professionals.

Following that, MAP Rep actors will be cast in 2 shows for a week of rep in October and 2 shows for a week of

rep in December. We will also offer our MAP Rep team reduced rates on rehearsal spaces and all of our MAP

Rep actors will become part of the MAP family whom are readily recommended for castings, workshops,

networking events, mentoring and more.


Have the plays been chosen?

Not yet. We’ll wait until we’ve got the full Rep Company together before deciding the plays then we can make

sure we choose the right pieces to accommodate everyone. The Showcase will, however, be a selection of

duologues, monologues and songs that will be selected very soon after the auditions to ensure that we can get

to work rehearsing for the MAP Rep Showcase on the 13th April.



























MAP Rep Auditions:

Saturday & Sunday

18/19th March

At 53two

Time-slots will be allocated


MAP Rep Showcase:

Thursday 13th April

At 53two


MAP Rep Performance Weeks:

17-21st October

5th - 9th December

At 53two



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Is MAP Rep an agency?

Absolutely not. Although we are asked to recommend actors for jobs and hope to be able to put our MAP Rep Actors in a spotlight for a period of time, we will not be working as an agency for you. No contracts will be signed, no money will change hands, in no way will we replace or become your representation. What we hope to do is work alongside any agency and attempt to produce quality and interesting work to lead to better things.



What do I need to audition?

To audition for MAP Rep we will ask everyone to prepare a 2 minute monologue and prepare a 1 minute scene which we will provide. The monologue can be of any era or style but must be in the realms of the casting range of themselves. The scene will be provided to the actors at least one week before the auditions. Also, if you play a musical instrument or sing, do bring a piece with you! Singers must let us know they intend to sing on their application.


Does this mean the rest of the MAP actors will be neglected?

In no way whatsoever. MAP will continue to produce work outside of MAP Rep and will continue to work with North West based actors to support them in any way they can. All of the services that MAP provide will continue to be available to anyone who wants them and we will maintain our ethos of professional services at affordable prices.