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“You write what’s said, you don’t lie,” – Andrea Dunbar


Shirley, written by schoolgirl playwright, Andrea Dunbar (Rita, Sue and Bob Too, The Arbor) is a snapshot of life in the working class council houses of Bradford of the 1980’s. A short play which highlights the struggles, the relationships and the sometime comical lives of Shirley, her mum, best friend and boyfriends, as they simply exist in their dysfunctional world. Beautifully written and a perfect balance of comedy and drama  this provocative piece not only mirrors life from 30 years ago, but bears a strikingly close resemblance to

some of the issues that exist today.


16th - 19th March

Hope Mill Theatre

113 Pollard Street

M4 7JA



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A share of profits from this production will go towards supporting Mustard Tree, combating homelessness and helping the disadvantaged.


'We would like to thank everyone at Manchester Actors Platform for donating the proceeds of 'Shirley' to Mustard Tree. We value every offer of support and every donation, being acutely aware that we couldn't continue to make a difference in the lives of those who come to us for help without the partnership of like-minded people'



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